New Album Release “Homage – The Silence Inside”

The musical journey of my life over the past 40 years has taken me down many paths and led me to many meetings and collaborations with remarkable musicians and composers.

Homage – The Silence Inside is the latest chapter on that journey.

Thomas Rückoldt is a composer of such sensitive musicality, it became imperative for me to explore the ideas his music inspired in me.
He initially made himself and his work known to me via a re-mix project set up by Mushroom Magazine in 2007 of one of my songs, DITTANY. His unique approach and original musical depths made a great impression on me. Eventually, time and circumstances led us to the moment where, over the past year, we could evolve and develop this new project. From hotel room recordings in Leipzig, home recordings in Jena and finally mastering in the studio near Antwerp. We are delighted to present this musical and literary result.

One night as I lay down to sleep five years ago, out of the blue, from nowhere, I developed constant, unremitting Pulsatile Tinnitus. It has diminished my ability to write, to perform live. It has diminished me. There has not been one moment’s silence inside me since.

However – I have found a kind of deeper, abstract and profound place of stillness. An “essentialness” in every moment, every observance. Nothing is taken for granted or goes unnoticed. Nature, my garden, the birds in and around it, my dogs and a discovery and re-discovery of poetry and words. The writings of the poets I have chosen here. Writers whose works I wish to pay homage to. Who have made the noise inside bearable for me.

We hope that this album will take you on a journey too. Or at least accompany you part of the way. To a deeper place. To the silence inside.

Homemade. Handmade. Heartmade.


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