I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow is at the Doc’n Roll Film Festival in the Barbican cinema in London.


Poet Anne Clark turned punk’s creative heat into eloquently cool soundscapes, whose influence, three decades on, is still felt among musicians in Europe and beyond.

Via her ground-breaking use of samples and analogue synthesisers in tracks such as ‘Sleeper in Metropolis’ and ‘Our Darkness’, the Croydon-born Anne Clark became a forerunner of the techno generation. She explored acoustic and orchestral settings for her own simultaneously heartfelt and cryptic lyrics, as well as the verses of poets including Rainer Maria Rilke and Charles Baudelaire.

This intimate portrait of a famously reticent figure attests to the patience and keen eye of filmmaker Claus Withopf, who accompanied Clark for nearly a decade.

With live footage dating from the 1980s, the documentary focuses on Clark’s recollections of her school days, London’s punk scene, the music industry’s manipulations, the wilfulness of the human heart, and her enduring love affair with the creative process in all its doubts, detours and discoveries.

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Anne Clark

Combining literary, socially engaged texts with innovative and genre-breaking soundscapes, for nearly 40 years Anne Clark has held a unique place in both literature and music.

Throughout she has maintained her own identity on each and every recording, from the samples (before sampling became a concept) and electronically treated acoustics of the mini-album The Sitting Room (1982), via ground-breaking analogue synth classics, Sleeper In Metropolis (1983) and Our Darkness (1984) with composer David Harrow, to the extremes of the minimal Scandinavian jazz influences of Until Life (1991) and The Law Is An Anagram Of Wealth (1993), the pastoral and poetic interpretations and translations of Rainer Maria Rilkes poetry on Just After Sunset (1997) to the full-on electronics and sparse acoustics of The Smallest Acts Of Kindness (2008).

Very few artists have covered such a wide spectrum over such a long and consistent career.

Always looking for new ways of expression and communication through the emotion of music’s abstraction and use of direct language, Anne seeks to not only challenge herself but her audience also.



Score of Poem Without Words II


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