An ode to Ukraine

Dear friends and followers,

TO SUPPORT THOSE AT WAR IN UKRAINE AND THOSE ASSISTING THEM, I have created a new track ‘Mriya’ – an Ode to Ukraine. The track will be officially released on July 3rd on all digital platforms. Moneys from the sale of the track will be sent to Musicians Defend Ukraine. You can see and read about the great work this organisation does, bringing aid and relief to those in such desperate need right now.

To support this small charity, you can stream or download my new track on all digital platforms from the day of the release.

Also from July 3rd, on Anne Clark Official Bandcamp you will be able to donate a minimum of £ 1.00 or more to purchase this track.

Of course you can also make a donation directly to Musicians Defend Ukraine to show your support without purchasing the music.

To find out more about this project, read below.

Mriya project

How can we not be moved by the horror of events going on around the world?

News no longer remains ‘new’. Headlines change. The media moves on. The suffering and deprivation continues and increases.

We watch helplessly as people are displaced and systematically threatened in their very right to exist.

Despite it all there is a community of spirit that resists and fights back.

Throughout my life and throughout my career I have tried to respond in whatever ways I can. As an individual. As an artist.

In the summer of 2019 it was my pleasure to come to know and work with film maker Jurko Marrow in Kyiv. It is now my honour to collaborate and work with him on a new piece, with music by Justin Ciuche and Jann Michael Engel, entitled MRIYA – An Ode To Ukraine.

I wrote the text, in English, in March this year. I asked Jurko if he could advise on an adaption into Ukrainian. Not only did he fully translate the poem but he also made a vocal recording in between his duties as an exponent of Ukrainian culture and as an active defender of his country and people.

Combining our two vocals with strings and ambient sounds from this volatile landscape, this moment in time, I present it to you, Mriya an Ode to Ukraine.

Thank you so much.

Anne Clark

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