Job Verweijen

After studying vibraphone and marimba as a teenager Job Verweijen gained experience in various rhythm traditions from around the globe, such as those from Cuba, Brazil, West Africa, India and the Middle East. Since he does not feel particularly committed to any one tradition, he mixes all of these influences with his own individual ideas into his own vocabulary, which he calls “Esperanto Percussion”.  This led to the creation of various unique hybrid percussion setups, which he has developed over the past 18 years. With Anne Clark Job uses two of these kits during the 2020 Visions Tour. His search for his own ‘sound’ culminated in the integration of unusual sound colors, custom-made instruments and self-invented percussion combinations and sound enhancing mechanics  into all of his setups. 

From singer-songwriter, Americana and folk to fusions of world music, jazz and early music, Job plays in many different bands and projects where authenticity, integrity and creativity fuel the deep passion for honest music and the belief that music can truly bring change, healing and awareness.

Job Verweijen plays Pete Engelhart metal percussion, Steve Hubback hand forged percussion, QStick rods, Raw Percussion brooms, Low Boy custom beaters, Swan Percussion Black Swan drum, Frank Giorgini udu drums, Jag talking drums, Hammerax & OM Percussion.  

Special thanks to Pearl Music Europe and Schlagwerk for additional support. 

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