Jeff Aug

Photo © Ulf Jacob

Born on Friday the 13th in Washington, D.C. and raised in Laurel, Maryland, Jeff Aug is a cool underground guitarist who lives at the foothills of the Alps in Southern Germany for the last 20+ years.  He has toured with Allan Holdsworth, Soft Machine, Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, Alex Skolnick, Carl Verheyen, Johnny A., Albert Lee, and has performed shows with Jawbox, Shudder To Think, and Ice-T & Bodycount with his old band.  He’s worked with John Stabb from Government Issue, has been touring and recording with Anne Clark for the last 15+ years, and has been touring as a solo guitarist for the last 20+ years.  Jeff can also be heard on the Atari Teenage Riot album “Is This Hyperreal?” (Dim Mak Records / Digital Hardcore Records).  He has also set the world record for the “most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours” twice (2009, 2012). He´s been featured on NPR´s show Morning Edition and has had a #1 selling album on iTunes Acoustic Music Charts in the U.S.  Jeff Aug also leads the instrumental rock outfit Ape Shifter.

Jeff Aug uses and endorses D´Addario Strings, Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, EVH / Charvel Guitars, Fishman Pick-Ups, AER Acoustic Ampifiers, Earebel, and Dunlop & Planet Waves Guitar Accessories.

Live Video at NPR studios

Guinness(TM) World Record Listing

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