Together Tour 2022
Hi everyone,

After nearly 4 years of preparation, covid, cancer and cancellation I finally managed to tour again last month with my beautiful and incredible musicians …. and you!

Thank you, each and everyone of you, who managed to make it to the concerts in Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg Bremen, Bochum and Ostend.

It was a joyous and life-affirming time for me!

All being well, I hope to do more concerts next year.

In the meantime...

I would love to share a link to a selection of the amazing photos taken during the tour.

I hope you enjoy these.

Together Tour photos

Bochum - 04
Bochum - 03
Bochum - 02
In case you missed it, on August 17 I released a brand new album: BORDERLAND - Found Music For A Lost World. You can order a CD copy here or find it on all digital platforms.

Thank you for all your loyal and continued support!

Here’s to life and music!

Anne, September 2022
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