The road is long with many a winding turn….

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing so far in this early part of 2021?

It’s been quite a journey for us all since this time last year.

I’d just returned home after a second round of rehearsals with my musicians in Allgäu. New band members, Justin Ciuche and Job Verweijen adding a sprinkle of  magic and sparkle along with musical maestros, Jeff Aug, Murat Parlak and Jann Michael Engel.

We were so much looking forward to presenting our new “live” set to you.

Then something called corona virus emerged out of the shadows, inflicting its carnage and disruption across the world.

And then something called cancer emerged and inflicted its impact on me.

Since then the world seemingly came to a halt. Carousels stopped turning, turntables ceased spinning, the wheels on the tour bus slowed and stopped.

Dystopia made real.

Months of ups and downs, stops and starts.

I wish I could individually thank the thousands of people who have sent me healing and invigorating wishes over the past months. Like the amazing treatment I have received from the NHS doctors, nurses and key workers here in the UK, you have been healing me!

I am not out of the woods yet but my treatment resulted in the best possible outcome. I am slowly building up my strength and have begun writing new material with Justin. Hopefully this will develop into even more ideas and then we might be able to present these to you as new releases or even “live” before too long.

In the meantime I want you all to stay safe and when this part of our journey is done, let’s hope we can “return” to a new normal, where the fundamentally essential things we’ve come to prioritise in our confinement become the tools for building a better, more caring and inclusive freedom….

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