“Way way up in the Anthropocene
The trees burst into a stained glass green
Beyond all Gods, beyond all else
We search for what’s missing inside ourselves
As all of our possessions take control
Of the aching empty space inside our soul
I climb high up through the canopy
To the soaring, roaring life, its intensity
It is companion, teacher, cathedral, priest
It is everything that I need
Something unlearned in the human rush
Still has a place in the core of us
There is hatred, there is pain, there is bigotry
There are those who try to steal human dignity
The strength to love or the path to war
Which one of these will you be fighting for?
The more they have, the more they take
The first and final great mistake
To the ends of the Earth and back again
The human race leaves a human stain
We must shake off our complacency
Live life that’s filled with urgency
To beauty, to the wonder of it all
Don’t bow your head, don’t break, don’t fall”
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